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For over 15 years we have been offering legal protection services related to asset transfers, investments, document translation, issuance and verification. We assist international clients from the Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, UK, Australia), Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, South America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil) – from the issuance of the fiscal code, the tax identification numbers needed, and the basic documents for living in Italy, to buying and selling real estate here.

What is a fiscal code in Italy?

The Italian term Codice Fiscale, i.e. the Italian tax code number or fiscal code, is an identification code assigned to persons and businesses. The personal Codice Fiscale is a code resulting from the person’s name, date and place of birth.The Codice Fiscale for businesses, associations, foundations and similar is a casual formula randomly made up of 11 numeric-only characters. All Codici Fiscali are assigned by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue and Tax Office). The Agenzia delle Entrate, namely Revenue Agency, is the Italian public office that operates to safeguard tax compliance. It is responsible for collecting tax revenues, assisting taxpayers and challenging tax evasion.

Is having a Codice Fiscale compulsory?

It is not mandatory to have a codice fiscale to live, study, or spend longer-than-average periods of time in Italy. But there are numerous activities, purchases and actions that one is not allowed to undertake without a fiscal card. For example, renting an apartment for over a month. Or enrolling in an Italian school, or opening a bank account.

Who has, and who needs, a Codice Fiscale

All Italian citizens have a personal codice fiscale issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax and Revenue Office) upon registration of the person’s birth. It is used by the Public Administration for a variety of purposes. Non-Italians living in Italy, including students, ex-pats or young entrepreneurs, may need a Codice Fiscale. This is easily done via Italy Law Firms.

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FAQS – Frequently asked questions

How is an individual person’s Codice Fiscale formed?

A physical person’s Codice Fiscale is a personal tax ID number determined on the basis of personal data. Each personal Codice Fiscale is an algorithm comprising 16 alphanumeric characters. The formula comprises: 3 letters of the surname and 3 of the first name, 5 alphanumeric characters defining birthdate and gender, 4 characters deriving from the town (or foreign country) of birth, and a check character.

Living in Italy: why is it easier when you have a fiscal code?

Non-Italians planning to live in Italy, and even students taking a semester abroad, may need to get an Italian tax code number, a Codice Fiscale. It is in fact mandatory to have an Italian tax code to engage in a variety of activities in Italy. For example buying a car or a mobile phone, renting a home for over 30 days, opening an Italian bank account, and even applying for a utility connection, are all subject to having your own Codice Fiscale.

Can the fiscal code be used also for Italian public health system?

Until 2003 each Italian citizen was sent a green and white plastic card with a magnetic strip. The card had the person’s surname, first name, sex, place and date of birth, place of issue and the tax code. The fiscal code card was then replaced by the Tessera Sanitaria, a combined card which comprises each individual’s Italian fiscal code, biographical information and public health insurance data. All Italian citizens entitled to the services of the Italian National Health Service and possessing a tax code in Italy have this card. Non-Italian citizens have only the fiscal code card. To take advantage of the free health service ex-pats need to sign up for Italy’s public health system.

Why do I need to sign electronically?

Until 2003 each Italian citizen was sent a green and white plastic card with a magnetic strip. The card had the person’s surname, first name, sex, place and date of birth, place of issue and the tax code. The fiscal code card Each person applying for an individual Italian fiscal code on this website needs to puts his digital signature on the request. In this way a special power of attorney for digital subscription and telematic presentation of practices is given to our representing, who can start the procedure.

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We can assist foreign clients with Italy’s non-dom tax regime, real estate, corporate merger and acquisition, establishing a company in Italy, getting a mortgage and many other issues.

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